Rick Johnson Cabs is the place to find out about custom cabinet making, steel guitars, country music and more. Custom designed cabinets are just an email away.

Rick has built cabs for Nashville Session Musicians, Nashville Studio Engineers, Professional Musicians and Steel Guitar Hall of Fame Artists. Rick is proud to say that his cabinets are used by professionals and weekend warriors alike both in studios, Honky Tonks, nightclubs, churches all over the United States and Canada and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Some of these artists are, Lloyd Green, Russ Hicks, Randy Beavers, Wayne Dahl, Bruce Bouton, Redd Volkaert, Kerry Marx, Tommy Detamore, Tommy Butler, Kyle Everson, Clay Cook, Jonathan Cullifer, Bob Knight, Neil Flanz, Alex McCollough, Danny Bentley, Pat Severs, Mark Tulbert, Jeff Bradshaw, Chris LeDrew and many others.

Rick Johnson Cabinets

Rough Vibrolux

Rick Johnson Cabinets

Vibrolux rebuild

wayne dahl

Wayne Dahl with a one of a kind amp. He owns two of these from Rick Johnson Cabs. A Nashville 400 1/12 custom designed cabinet.